Welcome to the Daytona Indoor Go Kart Raceway, Hamilton                  Daytona News

Welcome to the Daytona Hamilton Indoor Go Kart Raceway. Visit our indoor track to experience the excitement of competitive go kart racing and our AMB Lap Timing system that tracks positions and lap times.

Daytona Indoor Motor Sport has been leading the way for 10 years, developing indoor go karting into one of the most exciting and accessible forms of motor racing today.

Daytona Hamilton Indoor Go Kart Raceway, 46 Sunshine Ave Te Rapa, Hamilton

Daytona Hamilton is the third of Daytona's growing indoor go kart raceways and is arguably the best this country has ever seen. There is an outstanding team and a top of the line setup.

See our Racing & Prices page for casual racing and special offers. This gives you the flexibility to arrive and drive without the necessity of organizing a large group. No previous driving experience required and a driver's license is not required. Kadet Karts, Intermediate Karts and Senior Karts.

See our Private Functions page for group kart racing with your workmates or colleagues. This builds team spirit and competitiveness in an informal environment not obtainable in the workplace. Daytona 100 /150 Teams Events , Daytona 100 / 160 Endurance Races, Jumbled Race Format, Special 25, Daytona Challenge , or Design Your Own racing. Our AMB lap timing system analyses your every move, records each lap to within 1000th of a second and gives the position of each competitor as the race progresses.

Kids Parties can be booked for sessions and have exclusive use of our track and facilities. To ensure your children are not disappointed, please contact us to make a BOOKING to secure their party. Trained Daytona staff provide full instructions and helmets are provided. Children must wear enclosed shoes. Once our instructor is satisfied that the children can operate the controls (two pedals - brake and accelerator) they are off into their race session.

So next time you're looking for family fun or things to do in Hamilton, come along to Hamilton Daytona and enjoy some exciting kart racing.